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*Promaster charger (Universal Go!)
*Promaster charger (Universal Go!)

*Promaster charger (Universal Go!)

By: Promaster


Out of stock. Please call if you have questions: 1-510-548-6888
The ProMaster Universal GO! Charger is the perfect tool for charging a digital camera or other small lithium ion battery.

Product Description

Can also be used as a power supply/charger for cell phones, iPhone, iPad, digital music player or other USB powered device. The The GO! has a built-in fuel gauge that
let’s you know the condition of your battery or the internal power unit with the touch of a button.

Charges most digital camera and camcorder batteries
Built-in power supply charges batteries with a voltage of up to 7.2/7.4v as many as 5 times while
providing extended run time to your USB device
Charge your battery or power your USB device from the internal power source, AC power or DC
(optional DC cord required)
LED power gauge shows remaining charge of your battery or of the internal power source.

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