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Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit
Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit

Lomo Horizon Perfect Kit



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Product Description

Capture the world in wide format with this panoramic camera with enhanced time and aperture settings.
Clad in space-age ABS plastic, the Horizon Perfekt features full aperture and shutter settings. Get ready to be blown away by its distinctive swing lens which sweeps across a full 120 degrees of vision without the use of batteries.
Aperture Settings - From a wide-open f/2.8 to a teensy tiny f/16, you can dial in your precise aperture setting to get the optimum exposure for each shot.
Shutter Settings - A blazing 1/500sec top shutter speed gets you high-speed freezes on the brightest days of the year. A slow ½ second brings partially lit nights and gloomy indoors into glowing brilliance.
Built-in Pro Accessories - With the cable release and tripod thread, and the fat handgrip, you're guaranteed shake-free pictures. The bubble-eye level through the viewfinder allows you to perfectly place the “horizon” of each photograph!
Multicoated of-28p 28/2.8 glass lens - The crispy glass heart of the Horizon is just as lovely as it sounds: a multi-element masterpiece that yields eye-popping color, jaw-dropping contrast, and slamming sharpness all around.
Swing-Lens Technology - When you take a photo with the Horizon, the lens swings from side to side and a vertical slit rotates along with it thereby progressively exposing the film.
Whisper-Quiet Clockwork Mechanics - Perfect when you need to shoot in museums, ceremonies, or anywhere it requires you to be extra-quiet. Plus, everything the Horizon does is powered by a classic clockwork motor eliminating the need for batteries!
Uses all varieties of 35-mm films - Total convenience! Use whatever you like. All 35mm color negative, slide, black & white, redscale, can be loaded into your Horizon's greedy little gullet!
Two year limited warranty - Your Horizon is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for two full years after purchase. This does not include misuse, abuse, or dropping it into the Ganges.
  • Cable Release Connection
  • Fixed Aperture
  • Focus-free
  • Focusing Distance- 1m (@f/16) - Infinity
  • Auto Frame Counter
  • Plastic Material
  • Real-image viewfinder

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