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*Lensbaby Creative Aperture Optic
*Lensbaby Creative Aperture Optic

*Lensbaby Creative Aperture Optic

By: Lensbaby


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Product Description

Point your Lensbaby at any scene that includes bright points of light that are out of focus and watch whichever shape is cut into the aperture appear. Use the Creative Aperture Optic to add a subtle, painterly touch, dramatic texture or just add some creative detail to your images.

The Creative Aperture Optic will work with the Composer Pro, or any other optic-swap-compatible Lensbaby lens bodies. This optic comes with the sunburst aperture installed, and includes 11 other specially-shaped apertures.

The shape in the aperture will appear anywhere bright points of light are out of focus (i.e., decorative lights at night or the sun shining through leaves) in an image. The additional 11 shapes include: birds, diamonds, dripsplat, heart, slots, star, swirly, whirlpool, and three multi-holed apertures.

Apertures drop into the front of the lens and are held in place by shielded magnets.

  • 50mm
  • 12 drop in creative apertures
  • Compatible with Composer Pro
  • Compatible with current 37mm Lensbaby accessories
  • Focuses from 18” to Infinity

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