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Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash
Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash

Olympus FL-300R Wireless Flash

By: Olympus


Out of stock. Please call if you have questions: 1-510-548-6888
The FL-300R is an easy-to-operate versatile external flash for your PEN.

Product Description

With an equivalent GN (Guide Number) of 28 at ISO 200, you can accomplish flash shooting with stable light and optimum brightness. It functions as a bounce flash and wireless remote flash with enough power for most any typical shooting situation. Photographers can use it in tandem with the camera's built-in, pop-up flash, or as an alternative to it. Additionally, it has the ability to function wirelessly through a remote control function on the E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1.
Guide Number 28 at ISO 200 (when built-in wide panel is not in use), Guide Number 16 at ISO 200 (when built-in wide panel is in use)
9mm equivalent coverage (35mm equivalent focal length = 18mm) with built-in wide panel
Bounce capability: Down 30 degree, Up: 60 degree
3 modes: TTL-AUTO, AUTO, Manual, RC
AAA(R03) 2 alkaline batteries or AAA(R03)2 NiMH batteries
97g (3.4oz)[excluding batteries]
Includes flash stand and soft case
Item #V326110SU000

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