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LumoPro 24
LumoPro 24

LumoPro 24"x36” Softbox

By: LumoPro


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Great for headshots! Ultra portable and lightweight.

Product Description

LumoPro softboxes are designed for photographers' ease of use. Built from durable materials, the LP702's superior reflective lining is housed within sturdy, but lightweight nylon. This 24"x32" Softbox is ideal for headshots and portraits of one to two subjects.

Softboxes have always been plagued with slow set up, but the LP702 24"x32" Softbox features a zipper for quick and easy set up. After laying out and inserting all the metal rods into the speedring (not included), simply zip up the softbox, insert both diffusers, and you're ready to go! Both inner and outer diffuser panels are fade resistant to ensure color consistency.

Height: 32in / 2.7ft / 81cm
Width: 24in / 2ft / 61cm
Diffusers Included: 2
Rod Material: Metal
Interior: Silver
Warranty: 1 year

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