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Lenses. Oh how we love them. Oh how choosing which one is best for our needs can be hard!

Here at Looking Glass, we’ve met many people that have wanted to expand their creative expression in photography. One great way to nurture and grow this is by adjusting how you shoot, with the differing designs and perspectives we can obtain with different lenses. We understand that picking the right lens can be daunting. We’ll be your partner and guide in discovering various lenses, and choosing the one that will best help you get the pictures you want. That’s our strength: Listening to, and partnering with, you. Consider the following statements we commonly hear at Looking Glass:

  • I really need a great travel & adventure lens.
  • I want to explore portrait photography.
  • I struggle photographing my kids playing sports.
  • I want a lens that will help me grow as a photographer.

These statements, and many others like them, are one big reason we are here. We’ll listen to you. We’ll ask questions. Together, we’ll get the right the lens in your hands. And right now is a terrific time to do so. We’ve got dozens and dozens of lenses from all the top manufacturers on sale right now. But the savings won’t last long. Below, you’ll find links to some interesting information and highlights, by brand. We hope you learn something new, feel inspired, and choose to broaden your creative expression with a new and fresh perspective.

Click & Discover Nikkor Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $200 on select Nikon lenses.
  • Get some advice from a Nikon Ambassador on what lenses she chooses for portrait photography, in a variety of situations.
  • See what goes into the inner workings of the legendary Nikkor lens line up.


Click & Discover Canon Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $300 on select Canon lenses.
  • See examples of what Canon Specialty Lenses can do, and get a fresh perspective of the world around you.


Click & Discover Sony Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $200 on select Sony lenses.
  • Have a lens “book of knowledge” everywhere you go, with Sony’s Alpha Library smartphone app. We haven’t tried it yet, but figured it might be worth a mention.
  • Learn “How to Plan for Summer Travel Photography” from Sony Artisan photographer, Me Ra Koh.


Click & Discover M.Zuiko Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $200 on select M.Zuiko lenses.
  • Learn a bit about Olympus M.Zuiko lenses.
  • Get tips on the psychology of food and photographing your fave dishes.
  • Check out some pictures by Looking Glass owner Jen Waicukauski, captured using the new PRO 300mm lens!


Click & Discover Fujinon Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $150 on select XF Fujinon lenses.
  • Read a short overview of Fujifilm lenses
  • Get advice for beginners to the X-series, regarding how to choose a new lens.


Click & Discover Tamron Lenses

  • Find standalone lens savings of up to $200 on select Tamron lenses.
  • Discover Tamron’s one-lens solution for travelers
  • Watch a video of pro photographer Thomas Kettner, as he tests the 18-200 lens in South Africa.


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