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Photo Activity/Demonstration: Bokeh Wall

Brought to you by LumoPro. Inspired by light.

  • DATE: Saturday, October 7th
  • TIME: All day (10am to 6pm)
  • LOCATION: Looking Glass retail floor in our studio lighting area


LumoPro will be demonstrating how to turn a simple background into a dreamy bokeh backdrop for your images. With a flash or two and a bit of aluminum foil, you can take your product, tabletop or even headshots, from bland to bokehlicious! LumoPro’s Matthew Dyer will be showing off LumoPro flashes, grip equipment and modifiers and answering all your lighting questions. Here are a few fun images created using the Bokeh Wall (CLICK TO ENLARGE):


When LumoPro started in 2007, we spoke with numerous photographers face-to-face, on the phone, and through the Internet. We discussed ways to optimize lighting and studio equipment and asked what kind of gear photographers needed, but just couldn’t find. LumoPro became a company that listens to small communities, develops products with their input, innovates the way products are made and sells merchandise to photographers at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

LumoPro’s first ventures exceeded our expectations. After the success of the LP120 manual flash, made popular by David Hobby’s blog, the second generation of our flash was born in the LP160. Both flash units were among the first to include a standard 1/8″ miniphone sync port, a feature that continues to grow in popularity with the off-camera flash community.

In the meantime, we also developed light stands, grip equipment, modifiers and studio equipment and are now proud to produce a full line of lighting and support equipment and accessories. In 2013, we released the most recent iteration of our flagship flash, the LP180.

Lumopro is proud to say that all of our products meet or exceed industry standards and surpass expectations of photographers worldwide. In addition, we offer industry-leading warranties on every product we make.

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