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Camera Talk: Our Top Canon EOS DSLR Picks

Our very own Caleb and Cha talk share our top 3 picks from the amazing Canon EOS DSLR line-up. It’s a quick, top-level introduction to spark your interest. More details follow the video below, complete with HUGE savings on each for the Holiday season.

Want to chat one-on-one? We invite you to come on in, pull up a stool at our camera bar, and we can get into the technical talk and photography talk as deeply as you want to go. We’re here for you. We listen, we hook you up with the most relevant gear for your needs. In other words, we help you get the pictures you want.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

The SL1 is the most compact and lightweight DSLR that Canon has ever made. Yet, it still has many great features, including an 18MP sensor and a 3-inch touch-screen LCD. This is super useful when you want to zoom or pan images during playback, and especially for accessing functions in the menu.

Due to its small size, many people think of the SL1 as the DSLR you’ll never want to leave behind. Although it is roughly the same size as many compact cameras, it has something compact cameras don’t: an optical viewfinder!

The camera is designed with beginners in mind, and features a user-friendly Scene Intelligent Auto shooting mode. It analyzes scenes as you’re composing shots, not only checking brightness, contrast and color, but also detecting faces and watching out for movement.

Overall, we feel this camera is incredibly well-suited for the creative novice who is ready to make the jump to a DSLR.

SL1 Camera Body
SL1 with 18-55mm lens
SL1 with 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

The 7D Mark II is a fantastic camera for the photography enthusiast as well as the adventurer. It offers super fast continuous shooting (up to 10 frames per second) and an advanced autofocus system with 65 AF points, and you can customize how the camera responds to subject movement.

This camera is a well rounded tool for those who like to shoot just about anything. And, it’s weatherproofing means that it can be used in most weather conditions and environments.

The maximum continuous shooting rate of 10fps (frames per second) should appeal to anyone taking pictures of sports and wildlife.

And here’s something awesome: the 7D Mark II allows the user to produce an in-camera HDR image, and capture a sequence of raw files for post production editing.

7D Mark II Camera Body
7D Mark II with 18-135mm lens


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

With a 35mm full frame sensor, rugged magnesium alloy body, and amazing image quality, the 5D Mark III is our pick for pro photographers and serious enthusiasts. This camera offers the very best performance and top-notch build quality.

It is relatively compact for a full frame camera. The camera body measures 4.6” x 6” x 3” and weighs just over 2lb. with battery and memory card.

And if video is your thing, look no further. The camera has plenty of input and output ports. It supports a mic input, and also includes a headphone jack so you can monitor audio while recording. There’s a plug for a Canon wired remote control, as well as an industry-standard PC Sync socket so the Mark III can control studio lights or an off-camera strobe.

Overall, we highly recommend the 5D Mark III as a GREAT choice for any shooter who enjoys capturing images in a studio environment, or at events such as weddings.

Ready to step up to a full frame DSLR? Now is the time:

5D Mark III Camera Body
5D Mark III with 24-150mm lens

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