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It’s all about seeing with new perspectives. The range of Canon lenses gives you the power to see the world differently. They unlock fresh perspectives, freeze action and expose new beauty in anything. Above, you see the power of wide angle: it lets you get ALL the action! Wanna change your world with more perspective? We thought so! See below for some fun lens ideas.
Fisheye Lenses
Ever tried a specialty lens? They are GREAT fun and produce the coolest results. Take Fisheye lenses for example. They are the most extreme wide-angle lenses, adding curvature to your subjects in incredible fashion. Twist steel, create funhouse effects and bend your environment around the lens. See example image below:

Tilt Shift Lenses
Ever heard of a Tilt-Shift Lens? These lenses are perhaps the most challenging and rewarding lenses, offering photographers perspective-altering effects, such as transforming a city into a toy-like landscape, minimizing distortion and even capturing panoramas without moving the camera. See example image below:

Macro Lenses
And we’re sure most of you are familiar with Macro lenses. These lenses awaken the miniature worlds all around you. They can turn the tiniest bug into the largest monster and highlight captivating, eye-opening detail. See example image below:


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