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David Loves His Nikon D7500

OPINION: the Nikon D7500
From time to time, we like to post about gear that has captured our attention. This time around, it’s the Nikon D7500 DSLR that has captured us.

Looking Glass Photo’s David Weitz owns the D7500, and he’s learned firsthand what makes this camera great. On his weekly photography outings, he has had a chance to shoot the camera in a variety of settings and conditions. Below, David shares his thoughts in a short Q&A as well as some of his fave photos captured with the D7500.

Let’s start with a little background. How did you get into photography and do you have a favorite subject to shoot?

“It started way back in 1988 or ’89. I had been given a Ricoh ME Super 35mm film camera with a zoom lens and I started shooting with it as a hobby. In ’89 I took a B&W film class at Berkeley High School and learned the basics of developing and printing B&W. From then on I approached photography as a hobby until I was hired by Adolf Gassers in 1997. From there, I was introduced to digital photography and my interest in it just took off. As to my favorite subject matter, I always seem to go back to macro photography and landscape and more recently, night photography.”


We’re psyched that you’ve been loving your Nikon D7500. How has the camera helped with your pursuit of photography?

“For me, the camera is just the right balance of weight for my hand, and is far more comfortable to carry around than my Pentax. Ergonomics is more important in a camera than many people realize. If one has a camera that is awkward to handle, is it really going to be used a lot?”

“In addition, the camera’s Autofocus speed far exceeds any camera that I have had previously. I am now far likelier to get the shot I want in focus. The camera is also far more usable at night than previous models that I have had. The reduced color noise and faster Autofocus allows for handheld photos without flash on well lit streets.”


What do you like most about the D7500?

“That’s easy. The ergonomics. It fits my hand like a glove.”


When helping people find their perfect camera, who do you feel the D7500 is best suited for?

“An advanced amateur or enthusiast who wants a camera model that offers a great degree of versatility. The camera can do most types of photography very well, from portrait, action or landscape, even when compared with cameras out there that are more specialized in those specific areas.”


Thank you for sharing some favorite shots that you captured with the D7500. Would you tell us a little bit about them?

“I love this one of a hippo playing with a giant beachball at the San Francisco Zoo. The opened jaws look quite alien to me.”


“Here’s another, this time with a stoplight reflecting off the wet cement at night during heavy rains. I took this shot under a tree, to minimize the amount of rain hitting the lens. Weather sealing, which the D7500 has, comes in real handy!”


“And finally, a closeup of a flower after it had rained. I always love doing macro photography right after wet weather.”


In what areas do you think the D7500 particularly excels?

The Focusing System: I captured this image of a crow in flight using the D7500’s 3D focusing. While the focus system is not the same as the D500 (the DX format flagship DSLR), it is still very impressive.”


The 14-bit RAW File Capability: This shot of ‘The Palace’ is an example of maximizing the D7500’s capability at ISO 51,200. A little work in Lightroom can get the noise down even in these conditions.”


Live View: This was a 30-second shot of the Palace of Fine Arts. I used a nine stop neutral filter and a tripod. Normally, focusing and composing the image would be a real challenge, as I would be unable to see through the filter. However, the live view mode can…and I could use the touch shutter to focus where I wanted to! Super handy for these long exposures that I love capturing.”


What accessories and/or gear do you recommend for this camera and why?

  • A circular polarizer is a must for any landscape photography. The resultant saturation and glare reduction are easily worth the price.
  • A Hoya neutral density filter, 9 stops. Perfect for motion blur capture with a tripod during the day.
  • The Peak Design Clutch. The perfect wrist strap for the D7500 for users who intend to walk around with the camera in hand for long periods of time.
  • A Crystal Shield screen protector- Don’t let your LCD screen get scratched up.


Below are more images that David shared with us, that he captured using his Nikon D7500. (click image to enlarge)

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