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Immersive Shooting Stations

Brought to you by Canon, LumoPro, Sony, Lensbaby and Savage.
There’s no better way to know if something is right for you, than experiencing it for yourself. With this in mind, we worked with a few brands to bring you more – more immersion into the products, and more for you to explore. We’re proud to bring you the following shooting stations along with LumoPro, Sony, Lensbaby and Savage:

Get your creative juices in full gear! We’ve got an interactive, live shoot setup for exploring the world of water drop photography. Janae, brand manager for LumoPro, will teach you how to utilize small flash to properly expose your photos, AND freeze fast-moving action in the frame! You are encouraged to bring in your own SD card to put in the camera to capture your own images. Brought to you by Lumopro.

Need an awesome new profile pic for your social media accounts? We have the answer. Have your portrait taken by photographer and Lensbaby rep, Ben Hutchinson. It’s your to keep! Ben will show you how Lensbaby products are amazing for capturing your subject in a new way – a way that balances sharp focus with brilliantly unique bokeh! If you want to test the lenses yourself, you can attach a Lensbaby lens to your own camera and try it in the portraiture shooting station. Brought to you by Lensbaby and Savage.

Do you care about the details? Then we’re thinking macro photography might be your thing. Glenn, a Sony representative, will have a TV set-up tethered to a Sony a7R II camera and 90mm macro lens. He will also have the 24-70 f2.8 G-Master lens, 85mm f1.8 G-Master lens and a variety of other lenses to try. With the TV monitor, you can see the images in real time and get a real sense for the detail of your subject. Brought to you by Sony.


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