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Digital Printing Presentation & Demos | Canon Hands-On Experience | Exclusive, 1-Day Looking Glass Savings

We are thrilled to announce that John Bell from Canon and Evan Parker from Moab will be here on Sunday, December 10th. They are here for you, and have some cool things planned for you to discover, learn from, and enjoy. And, Looking Glass will have exclusive savings in place as the icing on the cake. So we’ll see you here at Looking Glass on the 10th, right? 🙂

  • Discover the joy of digital printing on Canon PIXMA Pro printers.
  • Explore various Moab papers and their incredible impact on your images.
  • Receive a free 8×10 print of your own image. RSVP for specific time ranges required. Important info on this below, please read.
  • Attend a free Fine Art printing presentation by Evan Parker, a professional photographer and custom printer. RSVP is required, see more info below.
  • Get hands-on with the latest Canon cameras and Canon lenses, ask your questions and receive answers directly from Canon, and throughout it all gain confidence in your camera & lens purchase decisions.
  • Enjoy big Canon instant savings PLUS additional, exclusive Looking Glass savings. It’s a double win for you!

Runs from 12:30-1:30pm. You’ll learn to love your printer & understand ICC profiles for amazing prints.

Many photographers look back with nostalgia to the process of printing film negatives in the wet darkroom. In this interesting and compelling lecture and demo, Evan Parker will reveal how to bring that love of process and technique into today’s “digital darkroom.” He will share how printing with archival inks on a variety of substrates can be creative extensions of your photographic work that can open doors to new ways of realizing projects. He’ll discuss creative aspects of printing workflow, and how these play into creating terrific prints. He will also simplify the printing process with things you can do to help color accuracy, accurate image reproduction, and more. Evan will tackle your printing questions, and leave you confident in the printing process.

FULL. Waitlist is Closed. YOUR IMAGE PRINTED 8×10″ – FREE
Print your own image on a Moab paper of your choice (Evan will explain the differences) using a Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer.

This is your chance to set a time to work with Evan in seeing one of your images come to life as a print. He will discuss Moab paper options with you, and print your image on the spot. Canon’s John Bell will also be on-hand to help answer questions you have about the PIXMA printers. Please read the requirements below to participate in the free print & demo:

  1. Due to the high demand for these demos, we need to set a schedule which requires you to RSVP for a specific time range (45-minute ranges). Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP now if you know you will make it.
  2. You will need to bring in only one image on an SD card or USB drive that is ready to print. Unfortunately, there will be no time to edit prior to printing, so be sure you have your image how you want it prior to printing.
  3. Enjoy the process and learn from Evan! See your image come alive and leave with a free print! And, if you’re blown away by what Moab paper and Canon PIXMA printers can do for you, you’ll enjoy special savings that make owning these great products easier on the wallet!


  • Evan Parker: Evan is a professional photographer and custom printer in Seattle. He has specialized in architecture and interiors for the past 12 years, and works with fellow photographers to help them create the best prints possible. Though he began in the darkroom, he has come to prefer the possibilities and relative simplicity of inkjet printing. His goal is to demystify the printing process, and make it part of the creative process.
  • John Bell: John has been a Canon Sales Representative for over 12 years, six of which have been here in Northern California. He loves and excels at Sports Photography and Photojournalism, as he finds both to offer a unique way to “tell the story.”


Be sure to get hands-on with these cameras and bolster your knowledge with John!




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