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We are excited to announce a curriculum of FREE CLASSES for Looking Glass customers who purchase a new Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus or Fuji camera from us this Holiday Season! To reserve your free space, our staff will offer you the relevant class at the time of your purchase.

If you purchased a relevant new camera from us already and want to attend one of these classes, you can! We worked out a very low price of just $49! That is at least 50% off the standard price of these classes! To reserve your space, click the link for the class you want to attend below.

These classes will teach you about your new camera, and should help you get the pictures you want! Below, you’ll find each course (organized by camera brand).
EOS Discovery Day 101

  • Date: Saturday, Jan 23
  • Time: 10:30am to 1:30pm
  • Register: Click here.

Enter the world of the digital SLR and learn about your camera, and how to make great pictures with it. We’ll take you out of “automatic,” but we won’t overload you with too much detail. You’ll see many examples of great photography, and learn techniques to use exposure, composition, flash, and a variety of lenses to get the same types of results. Our Basic Discovery Day class is a three-hour investment in your EOS digital SLR that will pay dividends over and over as you grow with your camera system. During this course you will become familiar with the operation and features of your EOS camera, and discover how and when to control them for dramatic results. You will also learn to expand your creative options, using different camera features and photographic techniques to evolve your pictures from snapshots to photographs. You’ll even see actual examples of how Canon lenses and Speedlite flashes can be used to add impact to your pictures!
About the Instructor, Peter Lee:
Peter Lee is a camera product educator based out of Northern California. He has over a decade of experience working with Canon’s printers and imaging products before he joined the camera product educator team. Peter loves all genres of photography and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He spends his spare time expanding his knowledge about imaging in all its forms. He is currently an instructor for the Canon Discovery Days program.
Photography Basics (For owners of the D3200, D3300, D5200, D5300, and D5500)

  • Date: Saturday, Jan 30
  • Time: Two sessions – 10:15am to 12:15pm and 1:15pm to 3:15pm
  • Register: Click here.

What is the difference between an ƒ-stop and a bus stop? ISO? Shutter Speeds? Aperture? Lenses? And seriously, just what is the difference between all those different scene modes? If you are new to the world of DSLR photography… that is if you finally have one of those really cool interchangeable lens cameras… and have no idea where to start, but know you want better pictures! This is the perfect class for you! We will walk through the settings on the cameras and when to use them. We will help you figure out what lens to use and when to use it. There is even some time spent on helping you compose better pictures. Please join us as we unravel the mystery to making really wonderful pictures.
Landscape and Travel Photography (beginning & advanced photography)

  • Date: Saturday, Jan 30
  • Time: 3:30pm to 5:15pm
  • Register: Click here.

This seminar will help you learn how to capture and preserve the memorable moments from your travels and your local surroundings. You will hear and see various techniques to make better use of your camera and improve your understanding of photography. We will cover various equipment including a variety of lenses, filters and speedlights. Through visual aids we will discuss composition. You will learn how to build beautiful memories. Conveying the beauty and emotion that made you stop and shoot.
About the Instructor, Paul Van Allen:
Paul received his first camera for his 16th birthday, and has been trying to make pictures for more than 30 years. His first paying job as a photographer was right out of high school when he was a “staffer” for a sports magazine. There, he honed his skills in the photo journalist and studio aspects of the business. He also spent several years printing in a Professional B&W lab before selling cameras in a retail store. Both jobs were a gold mine for learning the gear and techniques that make better images. After 7 years as a camera store “geek”, he joined Nikon in 1994 and helps people learn to use their camera to its fullest potential.
Getting to Know Your Olympus OM-D Camera

  • Date: Saturday, Jan 16
  • Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Register: Click here.

If you’re a new owner of an Olympus OM-D camera or someone in need of a basic refresher of its many features, this class is for you. This class is a lecture with a presentation that answers many of the basic “how-to” questions. We’ll guide you through some of the basic camera setup options as well as help you with your “how to” questions. Some topics that will be covered: Camera setup options, Mode Dial options, using the Super Control Panel, autofocus options, creative features including long-exposure modes (Live Bulb/Time/Composite) and Art Filters, Wi-fi Connectivity and the Olympus OI.Share app.
Travel Made Easy with Olympus OM-D Cameras

  • Date: Sunday, February 21
  • Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm
  • Register: Click here.

Do you love to travel, but dread the thought of lugging your big and heavy DSLR kit on that trip of a lifetime? Then join us for this class on traveling with the small, yet powerful, Olympus OM-D interchangeable lens cameras. This presentation style class will help you assemble an optimum travel kit and provide best practice suggestions for many popular types of travel picture situations. The class will also cover: Choosing between zoom lenses and prime lenses, deciding what to bring, to flash or not to flash, shooting in JPEG or Raw, and Best Practices (landscape, street, sports, indoor and clos-up).
About the Instructor, Ray Acevedo:
Ray Acevedo is an Olympus Technical Representative covering the West Coast. He shoots photos regularly with his OM-D cameras in order to learn more about them and pass that information along to both owners and resellers. His photography background includes work as a photojournalist and sports photographer.
How to Take Great Pictures with Your a6000 Camera

  • Date: Sunday, Jan 31
  • Time: 10:00am to 11:30am
  • Register: Click here.

Would you like to take exciting and interesting photographs! Experience creative tools inside the Sony a6000 camera that will change the way you take pictures! See just how easy it is to take panoramic photo and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs. Sony will also show you some pretty neat Artistic Effects like partial color/ BW, color posterization, retro photo, miniature, etc. You can even use your smartphone as a remote control to take pictures, you can use camera apps installed right on your camera, (time laps, photo editing, star trails etc). Clear Image Zoom can extend your optical zoom up to 2x.
How to take Great Pictures with Your Sony RX100 Camera

  • Date: Sunday, Jan 31
  • Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm
  • Register: Click here.

Would you like to take exciting and interesting photographs! Experience creative tools inside the Sony RX100 series cameras that will change the way you take pictures. Beginner or advanced photographers will learn easy it is to take control of your picture taking. Learn how to control aperture, color saturation, picture effects, panoramic. We will even show you how easy it can be to control and tame the high contrast scenes you encounter in your outdoor photographs. You will even learn how to transfer your pictures from your camera to your smartphone wirelessly! Learn how to customize the camera so it can be set up exactly to your preference.
How to Shoot Full-Frame, Professional Quality Photographs with your a7 Camera

  • Date: Sunday, Jan 31
  • Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm
  • Register: Click here.

Learn how to get the most out of your a7 camera. Learn about all of the new Sony FE full frame lenses. We will go over how to customize the function menu so you can have your favorite features right at your fingertips. Customize specific buttons on the camera body to access important functions. Learn how to shoot HDR in camera, (High Dynamic Range). We will discuss the differences of RAW vs. JPEG. Learn how you can use your Aperture and Shutter speeds as creative controls to shoot the kinds of pictures you have always wanted. We will show you how to adjust your focus points and change your metering patterns to suit your subject. Learn how to shoot video, hook up microphones, adjust volume, change shooting modes while shooting video. Setting up manual focus and using the Peaking Function. Attaching other brand lenses to your camera, shooting panoramic, using your smartphone as a remote control to take pictures and you can use camera apps installed right on your camera, (time laps, photo editing, star trails etc).
About the Instructor, Glenn Weinfeld:
Glenn Weinfeld graduated from one of the premier photo schools in the country, Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in advertising photography. He has used every camera you can think of from 35mm film SLR, 4×5 view cameras, 8×10 view cameras, (remember film?), 35mm DSLR’s etc. Glenn has also experimented with alternative printing process such as Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown, Reversal printing, masking, Dye Transfer.
Class is to be determined

  • Date: Sunday, Jan 24
  • Time: TBD
  • Register: Link coming soon.

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