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– Inspirational & Educational Photography Talk
– Advanced “Power User” Class for Current Fujifilm Shooters
– Camera & Lens Demo Table – Get Hands-On, All Day
– One-Day Looking Glass Exclusive Savings (in store only)


The Talk:

FULL – WAITLIST ONLY: Sunday, December 2nd: 10:00am to 12:00pm
CREATIVE VISION BEHIND THE LENS (featuring Valerie Jardin)

FREE – Click to add yourself to the waitlist
Valerie, a well-known photographer, will take you on an intimate journey into her approach and creative process. From visualization to capture, Valerie will take you on a “photo walk” through a series of her photographs. She’ll address numerous topics, some of which will include: Why did Valerie choose black & white over color? What aperture did she choose and why? What was her intent regarding choice of focal point? And much more… RSVP is required as seating is limited.
About Valerie Jardin: Valérie is a French photographer, currently residing in the United States. After working as a commercial photographer, she now dedicates her time to educating others. Since 2012, Valérie has taken her camera all over the world teaching students the art of visual storytelling. Paris, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and San Francisco are just a few of the locations she visits. Apart from teaching others to see photographically, Valérie is a prolific author, a speaker, and a podcast producer of the weekly show Hit The Streets. She has been an official FUJIFILM X-Photographer since 2014. Learn more about Valerie:

A sample of Valerie’s Work: (click thumbnails to enlarge)

The Class:

Sunday, December 2nd: 12:30pm to 3:30pm
HANDS-ON POWER USER TRAINING (Featuring Fujifilm’s Michael Bulbenko)

FREE – Click to RSVP now
A well-paced session that will take you through the latest Fujifilm X series and GFX cameras and lens systems from top to bottom (NOTE: This class is NOT for beginners). Bring your own Fujifilm equipment if you have it and find out how to make the most of your investment. The training will tackle not only the quick and easy shortcuts to optimizing your image capture, but will go deep into hidden menu items and special operations that the pros like most. Best choices of lenses will be covered, as well how to get best results from flash both on-camera and in studio. Also covered will be tips on bettering your artistic vision. Class is normally $49, but we’re offering it at no charge for the month of December; ‘Tis the Season! RSVP is required though as seating is limited. Please only RSVP if you know you can make the date.

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