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Fujinon Lens Overview
Fujifilm is rightfully proud of its optical heritage. The company has been producing lenses since 1938 and as well as developing optics like the XF range for photographic use, it is also a world leader in lenses for broadcast, CCTV and smartphone use. Thanks to this extensive experience and knowledge – much of which has been acquired through feedback from users – the XF lens range is one of the most optically accomplished for any camera system currently available.

Every lens in the XF lineup is a result of extensive testing and constant evaluation with proven numerical data used to deliver optimum designs. It is why X Series users can enjoy capturing images with supremely sharp fixed and zoom lenses that offer outstanding detail and vibrant colors across the frame.

“Whether shooting with extreme depth of field control with the 56mm f1.2 or needing a versatile, every day lens with the 16-55 f2.8, I am blown away by the versatility and imaging power I have at my fingertips.” -Jon Freel, Looking Glass Staff Member.
Fujifilm Beginners: Choosing the right lens

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