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NIKON Z 6 FILMMAKER’S KIT (just announced!)

Amazing productions start here. Your video productions have evolved. More sophisticated. More ambitious. Your video gear needs to deliver on your vision without compromise. When you’re ready for your video content to rise above ordinary, the Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit gives you the tools you need to step up your production in one convenient bundle. Smooth, steady and cinematic full-frame 4K Ultra HD. Compatible with a vast selection of stellar NIKKOR lens options. Flexible, external monitoring and recording. Smooth, clean audio. And all the key components to make your next video project stand out. AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW. Call us at 510-548-6888 or come on by the shop! Click for more details.



NIKKOR Z 14-30MM F/4 S LENS (just announced!)

Z series gets its first ultra-wide zoom. A travel and landscape photographers’ go-to lens for establishing a sense of place and pushing perspective. Capable of scenic photography that’s consistently sharp throughout the entire frame. Video so clean and smooth it rivals real life and elevates the look and feel of camera movement. And for the first time in a full-frame ultra-wide lens, the creative and practical flexibility of attachable filters. The possibilities are as wide-reaching as the 14-30mm field of view. Experience edge-to-edge sharpness even when shooting wide open. Shoot stills or video in near-silence. This is an essential lens for travel, adventure, events, video and everything in between. This is a lens that embodies the spirit of Z.

A small lens for big ideas. Smoothly go from an ultra-wide 14mm view to a more natural perspective of 30mm. Capture subjects less than a foot away with fully-immersive backgrounds and expansive vistas with detail and sharpness from corner to far-reaching corner. The NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S is perfect for adding depth and drama to stills and video and its outstanding portability makes it an ideal partner for compact Z series cameras. AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW. Call us at 510-548-6888 or come on by the shop! Click for more details.


We recently worked with Nikon to deliver a ‘Try Before You Buy’ equipment loaner program. During the program, we had over 12 customers test out the camera over a period of five dqys. No agenda. No direction. They just went out and photographed subjects that interested them, as they normally would. Below, we feature a small gallery of their Z 7 produced images as well some of their personal thoughts.

“Fantastic camera that is the first mirrorless that I would consider purchasing. EVF [electronic viewfinder] was equivalent to OVF [optical viewfinder], and some ways even better (low light). Amazing image quality, and ability to use older Nikon lenses and other 3rd party lens (Zeiss). Ergonomics similar to my other Nikon DSLRs, very easy to use and customize to personal tastes.” – Michael C.

“Images were crisp. Ergonomics are superb. I love the feel of it and how controls are laid out. Low light performance was impressive. I really enjoyed the 35mm lens. It lessened the weight. It is large for a travel camera but gets great results.” -Sheldon R.

“Overall, I was very impressed by the camera. In particular, the quality of the files was exceptional. Both the resolution and the dynamic range was phenomenal. The Z 7 handled very well and since I often use Nikon cameras, the transition was nearly seamless.” -Michael K.

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