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Pro Talk: Lighting 101 – Power Up Your Pictures

Featuring Matthew Dyer from LumoPro. Inspired by Light.



So you’ve gotten the hang of how to use your camera, but aren’t happy with your photos. Now what? If you want to level up your images, this class will show you how to leverage lighting to do just that. This class will cover the benefits and basics of off-camera flash. You will also learn about the gear you need to make your lighting work and how that gear works together. To get the most out of this Talk/class, attendees should be familiar with how to change aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings on their camera and should have a basic understanding of exposure.Specific topics covered:

  • Characteristics of light
  • Taking control of your light
  • What you need to light up a room
  • How to use one light to create a versatile lighting setup

If the idea of using speedlights makes you nervous, that’s okay! The goal of this class is to get you comfortable with flash and basic lighting concepts. Bring your questions (and maybe a security blanket), and you will fit right in. And in the meantime, check out the sample images below (CLICK TO ENLARGE), captured using techniques and equipment you’ll learn about in Matthew’s presentation.


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