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If we asked you, “Where do your photos live?” you’d probably respond, “My computer, my phone, a few thumb drives, my camera, Facebook…” The list could go on and on. That’s where Mylio comes in. Mylio is the next generation of photo management that helps you easily organize, sync and protect all your photos across all your devices.

  • Syncing – Keeping all your images protected and accessible on all of your devices
  • Views – Different interfaces to help you rediscover your favorite photos
  • Albums and Folders – Organizing your photos in ways that make sense to you
  • Editing – Tools that help you improve your favorite images

It’s time for you to meet Mylio. Come in to Looking Glass Photo and ask one of our sales reps “How do I Mylio?” And, attend a talk/class to truly gain an understanding of the power and utility of this great new product! Details below…
Time & Date: Saturday, July 11th from 2:00pm-3:30pm
RSVP: email us at
Photo Organizing with Mylio. Get your photo life in order!
Are you taking more pictures than ever but feel paralyzed trying to find and manage them across all of your computers, hard drives and mobile devices? Learn how you can easily handle all your photos when and where you want. Mylio is a powerful tool to get your photo life organized. You’ll be able to manage all your photos no matter what you used to shoot them.
Mylio brings together your far-flung pictures – from your phone, Facebook, SD cards, mobile devices, computers and hard drives into one location. Once your pictures are gathered, Mylio automatically replicates pictures to your phone, notebook or tablet so you can enjoy them anywhere, even when there is no internet access.
If you’ve longed to end the chaos and begin to enjoy all your photos and videos in one program, come and see how Mylio can change the way you remember your lifetime collection of pictures.
RSVP: email us at
About the Speaker, Marcus Donner:
Award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker Marcus Donner has been telling people’s stories in pictures for 27 years. Marcus specializes in photography with a natural look and documentary style. From the Dalai Lama fist-bumping Dave Matthews, to corporate CEOs, to breaking news, Marcus captures once-in-a-lifetime moments, emotions, and personalities. He loves what he does and doesn’t stop until he’s done it well. Some of his clients include Reuters, the Associated Press, American City Business Journals, Runner’s World, The Sundance Channel, and MTV. He also achieved one of his lifelong dreams when he worked as a Venue Photo Manager at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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