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Earlier this year Canon announced several new and exciting cameras; Each should be available in April. We had an opportunity to chat with Canon representatives about these new cameras, and have included some highlights below! If you’d like to place a preorder, stop by the store and we’ll be happy to help.

Canon Rebel T7i – available in April, starting at $749.99
Perfect For: 1st time DSLR owners who want a BIG step up from their smartphone or compact point and shoot camera.

  • Stunning 45-point Autofocus system
  • Dual Pixel 24.2 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 6 frames per second (fps) continuous shooting
  • First Canon DSLR with Bluetooth connectivity
  • First Canon DSLR with new Digic7 image processing engine
  • Brand new and improved kit lens: 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. The lens packs together legendary Canon optics, a versatile zoom range, an STM motor for smooth and near-silent operation as well as Canon’s advanced image stabilization for power on the go. And it’s smaller than before!
  • Brand new feature: “Feature Assistant.” As you change the mode guide, you get instant visual feedback on the LCD screen that shows you how the resulting image will be impacted by your changes. The Shooting Screen also has a touch slider that helps introduce beginners to the basic functionality of the camera. What does this mean? It means this camera is super easy to use for beginners!
  • New ‘Group Photo’ mode uses Face Detection to determine how much depth of field is required to get everyone in a group shot properly focused, and sets the lens f-stop accordingly
  • New built-in filters: three for still photography; five for video (you can also capture video in Black & White now!)
  • Articulating LCD screen

Canon EOS 77D – Starts at $899.99
Perfect For: Photography enthusiasts that want a higher-end camera and want to keep cost down. This camera is amazing for YouTubers, Vloggers, and more!

  • Bridges the gap between Canon Rebel and higher end Canon EOS cameras
  • Has all the features of the T7i plus more
  • Camera controls are the same as higher-end Canon EOS cameras
  • Greater speed and slightly more involved control layout than the simultaneously-released Rebel T7i
  • Smaller and lighter weight than the Canon EOS 80D
  • Same sensor as the EOS 80D
  • In live view and movie modes, the LCD screen can be used to set focus point by touch
  • Features dual pixel CMOS autofocus — this Canon-exclusive technology makes sure that as you capture video, the subject remains in focus.
  • Major upgrade: 45-point Autofocus system
  • New video capture settings: HDR movies; Time-Lapse movies; MP4 recording; Take snapshots while recording; movie digital zoom

Canon EOS M6 – Starts at $779.99
Perfect for: Photography on the go, and long hikes where size and weight of your camera really matter.

  • Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
  • Fast & accurate autofocus with phase detection
  • 24.2 MP CMOS sensor
  • Up to 7 frames per second (fps) continuous shooting
  • Removed the electronic viewfinder (EVF) to make it smaller and lighter
  • Canon EF lens adapter available so you can use all your Canon EF lenses without losing any functionality

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