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Why the Nikon KeyMission 360, you ask?

Here’s our short list of reasons…
All of us at Looking Glass received a training from Nikon regarding this “new kid on the block” action cam. We weren’t sure what to expect, or if we would be convinced. Within the first 10 minutes of the training, we were captivated and all ears. And by the end, we were all discussing ways we are looking forward to using this new action cam that truly changes the face of video (and still image) storytelling and moment sharing. Below, you’ll find a short list of reasons and ideas as to why you need a Nikon KeyMission 360 in your arsenal:

  1. You’ll capture totally immersive video, giving the viewer a 360 degree view to explore – all done in camera, no stitching after-the-fact. And when we say immersive and 360, we mean it. This goes WAY beyond a panorama; it captures everything (above, below, to the left, to the right!)
  2. When sharing a special moment with friends and family, your 360 video will give them a visual experience that makes then feel like they’re there, experiencing it for themselves. For example: maybe grandma can’t make it to her granddaughter’s birthday party. By capturing the day with your KeyMission 360, Grandma can feel like she didn’t miss it, experiencing the fun in epic 360 viewing.
  3. From what we’ve heard, kids have a complete blast with the KeyMission 360 too! As viewers, they will watch the videos over and over again, discovering new things in the video each time they do.
  4. Sometimes we get so focused on what’s in front of us, that sometimes we miss an amazing moment that is happening right behind us. Not anymore. The KeyMission 360 captures it all.
  5. When people view your finished 360 videos, they can experience it like a “choose your own adventure.” How? They get to choose the perspective as they watch, changing it on-the-fly as the video plays!
  6. Or, if you want, you can find your own favorite perspective as the videographer, and in editing software you can choose that favorite perspective for your final video! Meaning, it’s kinda like a choose your own adventure for you too!
  7. Here’s another idea for the KeyMission 360! Mount it to your camera’s lens hood, and capture all the action around you as you are out shooting. Either video or still images, you choose!
  8. Have any weddings to attend? Imagine this — in just one video, you can capture (simultaneously) the groom’s face as he sees the bride for the first time AND what he saw in that very moment, the beautiful bride. One magical, split-second moment, is captured from every angle.
  9. Some folks have had concerns about battery life of action cams. The KeyMission 360 has a removable battery. This means you can bring spare batteries with you. No longer do you need to wait for it charge when the battery runs out of juice (a challenge with many other action cams).
  10. Last, but certainly not least, the KeyMission 360 uses legendary Nikkor optics for higher quality video and images; it also has good performance in low light and 4k resolution! And you get all of this for just $499!

Here are a few examples of what the KeyMission 360 is capable of. Please note, the Safari internet browser is not compatible with 360 technology yet. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox. On mobile devices, you’ll need to use the YouTube app. When viewing, simply take the mouse over the video and use it to change and choose the perspective. Have fun explorers and storytellers!

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