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Pro Talk: Why Paper Makes the Difference

Featuring Veronica Cotter, Education Development Manager for Hahnemühle


Often we hold our images captive in myriad ways: cameras, smart phones, tablets, and “the cloud.” Have you ever wondered, “What comes next”? Explore the wonderful world of Hahnemuhle FineArt printing papers and begin to envision your images as prints, enhanced by the papers texture, tone and format.

Veronica Cotter,  Education Development Manager for Hahnemühle USA, will lead a discussion on the importance of printing and the significance of paper choice in the print making process. Please consider bringing printed work for an informal print sharing at the end of the discussion.  It’s a great opportunity to look at work, understand the commitment to print and discuss paper options. Enthusiasm and curiosity are highly recommended. Covered Topics:

  • Overview/History of Hahnemühle: Discuss the link between Traditional Fine Art (TFA) and Digital Fine Art (DFA)
  • Overview of the various categories of paper: Hahnemühle FineArt, Photo and Specialty Papers (Deckle Edge, Book & Album, Premium Edition)
  • Discussion of the importance of printing in general and the link between image & paper from an aesthetic perspective
  • Review a variety of Hahnemühle FineArt and Photo papers to help you appreciate the specific characteristics of various papers and help determine their “best” choice
  • Print sharing – Why Paper Makes The Difference!
  • Question and Answer session


Veronica Cotter is the Education Development Manager for Hahnemühle USA. Veronica has been in the Photo & Imaging Industry for more than thirty years. Her career began in analogue, working for companies that produced a high end range of B&W films and papers. Her current position with Hahnemühle USA provides the opportunity to connect with image makers to discuss the importance of printing and paper choice.

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