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Print Swap with Fellow Photography Enthusiasts!

We’re bringing back our popular Print Swap!

Before we moved to our Ashby location, we held an annual print swap where dozens of folks like you gathered to share and swap prints with one another. Now we’re bringing it back! This is a fun opportunity to share some of your favorite photos (minimum print size of 8″x10″) and leave with up to three new ones from fellow photographers in the Bay Area community.

When: Saturday, October 3rd from 4:45-5:45pm
Where: Looking Glass classroom
Deadline: All prints must be delivered to a Looking Glass staff member no later than 6:00pm Friday, October 2nd

It’s super easy – Here’s all you have to do:

Bring as many of your favorite printed images as you want for people to choose from at the swap. All prints submitted must be pictures you took and that you own the rights to. IMPORTANT: Please label the back of your prints with your name and contact info, and have each print individually inserted into a clear protective sleeve. If you don’t have sleeves, we do have them for sale.

We’ll give you a maximum of 3 tickets (one for each print, for up to 3 of the prints you bring in). Each ticket is redeemable for one print during the swap.

On the day of our Anniversary (October 3rd), we’ll have all the submitted prints on display in our classroom starting at 4:45pm; everyone who is participating in the swap will be admitted to the classroom at that time to enjoy exploring each other’s work and selecting some new images to take home. It’s that simple! (if any of your prints remain at the end of the swap, you are free to take them back. We will also contact you based on the contact information you provide on the back to ensure you have ample opportunity to claim any of your prints that remain.)

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