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Looking Glass Digital Printing Services


Sometimes (well most of the time), a print is just so much better than keeping a favorite image digital. Whether you’re looking for archival, fine art prints of your work or 4×6 prints for a photo album or desk frame, Looking Glass can help.

Outlab Processing Services

  • We offer outlab services for 110mm, 35mm, 120mm, APS and 4″x5″ film, as well as disposable cameras.
  • Your film stays right here in town, and is transported via courier service (no losing film in the mail).
  • We are professionals and always give you your negatives back to you. Many places fo not do this these days.
  • We process Black and White, color negative (C-41), and slide (E-6). We can also print from almost all of the negative you may have. 
  • Chemically processed archival color printing and an optical B/W darkroom prints can be ordered as well.


Custom Looking Glass Digital Services.

Led by Op, our in-house digital printing master, our Digital Services Lab offers a variety of services as listed below. For fine art printing you can choose to sit down with Op and walk through your options and how best to print and present your work. Or, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can simply supply your image file and preferences digitally (by email, dropbox, etc) and Op will do the rest. Our services:

  • Archival Fine Art Printing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Scan & Print
  • High End Scanning
  • Copy Work
  • Passport Photos
  • Memory Card Rescue

For detailed information regarding our Looking Glass Digital capabilities and pricing, please click here for our brochure.

Online Ordering.
Get the convenience of uploading and ordering online, from the comfort of your home. Order prints, or turn your photos into incredible photo products (wall décor, calendars, greeting cards, etc.). Prices for online orders vary by print size, type and final product. When your prints/products are ready, simply come by the store and pick them up! Click the image below to get started:


PLEASE NOTE: Online Orders have variable turnaround times (typically 2-5 business days),
please call us at 510-548-6888 to see if your prints/products are ready.

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