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From March 27th | 1045 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley

At Looking Glass Photo we embrace a love for photography, self-expression and empowerment. This means we respect and encourage EVERYONE in their pursuit of creativity and getting “the shot.” We are a platform for inspiration, and with this project, our focus is on women who love photography.

Since the 19th century, women have contributed significantly to the photography industry and continue this day to be a driving force for the craft. To celebrate this history, and the history yet to be made, we’re celebrating & showcasing local women superstars.

We began by publishing each photographer in the East Bay Express across 14 consecutive weeks. Then we hung each of these photos in our gallery. We had approximately 200 people walk through our doors March 27th in celebration of their Opening Reception. And now we’re working on more activities that we’ll be announcing at later dates this year. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the store and see each of these photographer’s images in our gallery.
Below, you’ll find each of the photographs that will be showcased in the show (simply click an image for the Lightbox view). You can also discover more of their work by clicking a featured photographer’s name here: Camille Seaman, Jen Waicukasuki, Nancy Holliday, Shira Bezalel, Brooke Porter, Tam Starita, Karen Kaner, Darcey Davis, Zohra Kalinkowitz, Becky Jaffe, Kirsten Berg, Aphra Pia, Sarah Gzesh, Pansy Kwong (no web site).

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