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Welcome to Looking Glass Photo & Camera!

We are a family owned business located in Berkeley California, and have served the photography community for over 40 years. Built on customer trust and an enduring desire to help everyone get the pictures they want, the store has grown tremendously and serves as the San Francisco Bay Area’s ultimate photography resource. Here, you’ll find everything you need.


Browse a Huge Product Selection

Shop with confidence at Looking Glass. We have over 200 cameras to choose from (both digital and film), from the top brands you trust: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, GoPro, Fuji, Leica and so many more. To go along with your gear (and help make your picture-taking adventures the best they can be), we also stock just about every photographic product under the sun.


End the Guesswork

For many, the sheer number of cameras, lenses and accessories can be daunting. How is one to decide what’s best for their needs, right? Let us remove guesswork from the equation. At Looking Glass, you will explore photography and your creativity with a team of highly trained, friendly staff that love photography as much as you do.

We are a group that prides itself in the art of listening. This combined with over 200 years collectively in the camera and photography business, we help take the guesswork out of the “wild west” of cameras.


Spend Time with Expertly Trained Staff

Our staff is made up of photographers, many of whom went to school to learn their craft. In fact, each member of the staff has to pass a written test before being considered for employment. They are passionate, and are here because they want to surround themselves with people just like you … people who have an interest in photography. Whether you have a budding interest in photography or have been taking pictures for decades, you will feel at home here.

To keep our staff’s knowledge up-to-date, our manufacturer representatives provide them with intensive training seminars with each new product launch. We also invite these same manufacturer representatives to teach classes in our store to help people get the most from their gear.


Get Hands-On Experience

We know buying a new camera is an investment in yourself and your creativity, and want you to feel comfortable, inspired and informed.

See what different cameras, lenses, and camera-lens combinations can do – literally. You’ll start by pulling up a stool at our camera bar, and having a real conversation with someone on our staff. We listen, make suggestions, and get cameras and lenses in your hands on the spot. Cameras are a very personal purchase decision: How they feel in our hands, the different brands’ menu systems and controls, their weight, and the subjects you like to photograph all come into play.

We’re here to help, and we’ve created an interactive space for you to feel super confident in your purchase decisions. With 8,000 square feet of retail space combined with 30-foot ceilings (from which we have various items hanging or affixed to our walls), you have a real “playground” to test the camera before you buy it. And if you’re still not sure, rent it first to get the gear out on your own turf, on your own time. And, apply half the rental fee to your purchase!


And Yes, You Will Find Very Competitive Prices

We follow the same pricing guidelines that Internet Retailers follow, as well as big box stores where people often feel like just a number.


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