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Intro to Black & White Printing (Feb 18th)
Intro to Black & White Printing (Feb 18th)

Intro to Black & White Printing (Feb 18th)

By: Looking Glass


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Introduction to black and white printing (in the darkroom!)

Product Description

This class runs on Sunday, February 18th from 10:30am until 3:30pm.

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Class Description:

This fun filled darkroom class will cover the basics of black and white printing techniques. You’ll learn how to properly judge exposure, contrast and tone in your prints, as well as basic dodging and burning. You will need to bring a roll of exposed and developed film and we will go over how to select a good negative to print from, teach you how to create a test strip, and end up with a final print to take home.

Be sure to bring a roll of developed black and white film to print from.

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