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Long Exposure Photography Workshop
Long Exposure Photography Workshop Long Exposure Photography Workshop Long Exposure Photography Workshop Long Exposure Photography Workshop

Long Exposure Photography Workshop

By: Looking Glass


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Product Description

Date & Time:

This four-hour workshop runs on Sunday, March 10th from 10:30am to 2:30pm. The workshop covers the use of long-exposures in photography for creative and functional purposes, as well as tips on techniques with this type of photography. It is an interactive, hands-on learning, sharing, and photo discussion.

Prerequisites for the Class:

  • A desire to learn more about photography and how to take better pictures
  • A positive energy and a willingness to get creative
  • No specific level of photographic experience is necessary for this course

Class Topics:

  • Why long-exposure?
  • Technical considerations
  • Tripods and what to know before buying
  • Long-Exposure photography in low-light conditions
  • Rendering motion in photos
  • Long-Exposure photography in bright-light conditions
  • Water
  • Light-Painting
  • Creative techniques
  • Night-Sky photography
  • Using flash to blend motion and stillness in one shot
  • Live demonstrations
  • Question and Answer Session

What to Bring to Class:

  • A digital camera with manual controls, memory card, and a fully-charged battery.
  • Tripod - Optional but recommended if you already own one.
  • A notepad and pen/pencil.
  • Something to eat and/or drink (if desired) to keep the energy strong for learning!

About the Instructor:

Michael is a tirelessly self-taught photographer with an unwavering passion for the craft. He shoots everything from landscapes to sports, weddings, events, wildlife, products, and over the past few years has specialized more and more in portraits and models.

Michael has work hanging at the California Academy of Sciences and at the Alameda Historical Museum. He had a photo selected as the cover of a Random House bestseller, and was published in a special edition of Bake magazine. He was president and is a currently active board member of the Alameda Photographic Society. He has also taught a series of photography workshops for the week-long UC Berkeley Lair of the Bear camp.

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