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Using Light to Describe Form - Mar 16
Using Light to Describe Form - Mar 16

Using Light to Describe Form - Mar 16

By: Looking Glass


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Date & Time:

This class will be held on Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 3pm at the Instructor's studio in Emeryville. The instructor will email you prior to the class with directions and more information. Please be sure to print and bring your confirmation page to this class, as well as your camera with a fully charged battery.

Class Details:

Quite literally, you will learn to see the light.

Evolution has given us the ability to see things, other humans, relationships, gestures, etc. very well. But, not light. The camera records only light. We must, to the extent possible, learn to see like our tool in order to use it most effectively. We will learn to see and to modify light in order to define form. Our tools will include the sun, "hot" lights, reflectors, diffusing scrims, strobes, softboxes, Pony clamps and more. (Please Note: we will NOT be photographing a nude subject in this class)

Students will be able to see light critically, to use what they like and change what they don't like.

This one day class is for anyone with an interest in bettering their ability to see and thus improving their photography. Although any "nuts & bolts" questions about camera operation will be answered (or a good attempt given) students should have a decent, working knowledge of their cameras (either digital or film).

Bring your camera but, more importantly, bring your eyes! Interested people at all levels of photographic experience are welcome. All will be revealed. A pleasant time is guaranteed.

About the Instructor:

Dana Davis makes photographs to discover novel views of the world. His work spans from grand and intimate landscapes, studio work with the nude and small, human dramas played out in thrift store plastic bags. He has received a BFA from Arizona State University and MFA from Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Dana presently teaches part-time at Contra Costa College, UC Berkeley Art Studio and in various workshops and maintains a commercial photo practice serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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