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Looking Glass and Nikon Present “Life in the Bay Area,” a short story video contest


Borrow a Nikon DSLR and Nikkor lens. Make a video. Attend a screening. Win a camera.

We are so excited! We are working with Nikon to expose how awesome video can be using an entry level Nikon DSLR! All we need are some adventurous folks who want to be part of something super fun and cool, and who have a strong interest in capturing video to tell a story.

We will loan you a Nikon DSLR kit (either a D5500, D5300, or D3300) for two weeks. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take that Nikon out into the world and capture a story – any story – that in some way captures what “Life in the Bay Area” means (and is) to you. You may edit, add effects, or whatever you like. The only requirement is that all footage is captured using the Nikon DSLR that you have on-loan. Oh, we’ll also be loaning you a Looking Glass coffee mug that will need to appear the video in some way.

Click here to learn more about the D3300, D5300, D5500 and the additional lenses you can choose from. (they are also in our 5-day loaner gear program called Your Next Nikon)

Start by choosing either a D3300, D5300 or D5500 DSLR. Each DSLR is kitted with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens. If you would like an additional lens, you can choose one from our 5-Day loaner gear program that we’re currently running (see link above in the Summary section). Then, choose a pick-up date from below that works well for you. And finally, email us at with your choices and we will get back to you ASAP with a confirmation. We have limited gear, so don’t delay and email us today.

  • Pick-up #1: November 10 (return November 24)
  • Pick-up #2: December 3 (return December 17)
  • Pick-up #3: December 21(return January 4)

A complete set of rules will be provided when you have reserved a Nikon DSLR kit for your video short. Below, you will find the highlights.

Your videos must be shot in public outdoor spaces and/or in indoor spaces with permission from the owner/landlord of the indoor space. Any people appearing in the videos will be required to sign a release form. If music tracks are used, you must own or have license to use them, or use music tracks found in Public Domain.

Final video submissions must be between 2 minutes and 6 minutes in length, and shot only with the equipment provided by Looking Glass and Nikon. You are free to use editing software of your choice. Looking Glass will provide a prop (the Looking Glass coffee mug) that must appear in the final video. All final video spots must be family appropriate – think PG rating.

If there is an overwhelming response to the contest, we may need to limit the Screening Night to pre-selected finalists.

Well, for starters, a fun time and being part of a small-ish group of folks who get to explore their creativity! Oh, and did we mention, we have three Nikon D5500 with 18-55mm lens DSLR kits as prizes. The prize categories are as follows:

  • Best Use of Prop (Looking Glass coffee mug)
  • Best Video by someone 18 years of age or younger
  • Best Video by someone over 18 years of age


We are in the process of securing a theater or other venue with a decent screen to watch all the videos submitted for the contest. Your family and friends are welcome to join us, and enjoy a fun night and support you and your “story.”

At the end of the screening, we will have an awards ceremony to announce the winners of the contest. Folks from Nikon, Looking Glass Photo and the screening venue will serve as a the judges.

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