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Visionary Talk: Street & Urban Photography

Led by Mike Boening, pro photographer & Olympus Visionary

TIME: Saturday, July 8th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
PLACE: Looking Glass Photo Classroom

Join us on July 8th for a fun and interactive talk by Olympus Visionary, Mike Boening. Mike will cover the basics of Street Photography and Urban Photography, as well as discuss how these styles of photography relate to one another. He will also discuss how his choice of equipment has had a profound effect on his creativity, and how it has had an impact on his pursuit of both street and urban photography. NOTE: space is limited, so be sure and register today.
ABOUT MIKE: Mike is a member of the Olympus Visionary Program and commonly finds his inspiration on the streets of his hometown, Detroit, Michigan. He specializes in street and urban photography and routinely leads workshops and tours. Mike is also a writer for numerous photography web sites and blogs. When he isn’t behind a camera, he’s in front of the camera serving as co-host of the biweekly video podcast, “Mirrorless Minutes.”
Below, we feature some of Mike’s stellar photography. Click an image to enlarge…

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