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What Photographers Want – A One-Day Sale Engagement

Camera Bags, Tripods, Lighting, Color Management Solutions

On Thursday, December 6th, Kyle Valla will be here to showcase and help you with the brands/products he represents. He’ll begin the day with a color management presentation in our classroom, and from there will have a demo area set-up for you in the store. He’ll even color calibrate your laptop for you, free! (More info on these activities below.)

While Kyle is here, Looking Glass will be offering extra (exclusive) savings on the products Kyle represents (see below for product info) to help make your purchase decisions a “no-brainer.” You’ll save up to 20% on these products, all the while knowing that you’re making the photographer in your life a very happy camper. Perhaps that person is you! The bottom line: These are great products that everyone who loves taking pictures will love to have.

Save on award-winning products from:


Give the gift of:

    Carry and transport your gear with ease and style. Tenba bags protect your gear with a durable & lightweight design to go all the places you go. Not to mention, these bags have a rugged outdoorsy sense of style.
    Make sure you get the shot you want. Often, this means you need a good tripod. Benro tripods are sturdy and can be trusted to hold your camera in a variety if situations. Whether your aim is a sharp macro photo, a long exposure shot, or you simply want to be hands-free, Benro comes through for you.
    As we become more confident with our camera and the basics, lighting can open our creativity to a whole new world. Phottix makes incredible light modifiers, TTL transmitters, soft boxes and more that will help with this endeavor.
    When capturing or printing your masterpiece, ensuring accurate color reproduction can sometimes seem daunting. Whether you’re out shooting and want to set perfect exposures, match multiple cameras, and more (even in blended lighting). And when printing your digital images, color profiles and a color calibrated display makes all the difference. X-Rite color solutions make it easy.

And while you’re here, take advantage of:

  • FREE COLOR CALIBRATION – First-come, first-serve from 12:30pm to 4:30pm
    Kyle will install software on your laptop and use X-Rite color management solutions to calibrate and profile your laptop monitor. You’ll see for yourself how easy it is to keep your monitors calibrated and profiled saving you time and money when editing and printing your digital files. And to keep your computer calibrated for less, we’ll have rebates in place PLUS one day discounts for you to take advantage of. Calibrations take 10-15 minutes and as noted, are first-come, first serve from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. So simply stop by a product demo area that we will have set-up near the center of the store.
  • FREE COLOR MANAGEMENT PRESENTATION – RSVP required for the 10:30am to 11:30am. RSVP HERE.
    Join Kyle for a brief presentation and an extended question and answer session on color management for your digital workflow. There’s no need for this to be a mystery. X-Rite solutions make it easy and quick to keep your workflow color managed from capture, to edit, to print. Come join us for this informative session. Space is limited and an RSVP is required.

Why calibrate your monitor with color tools?

  • Monitors display color differently and change over time – you need to regularly calibrate to ensure consistency at all times.
  • Your eyes aren’t perfect – you need a color measurement tool to ensure accuracy
  • Image colors are not true to life on your display – you need to calibrate if your skin tones are off, whites aren’t pure or there is a color cast.
  • Highlights and shadow details are lost – calibrating will bring back the details in your photographs
  • Grays and whites aren’t consistent causing shift in color hue – calibration produces neutral grays and whites

A calibrated monitor will reduce your photo editing time and you’ll consistently be able to match your prints to your monitor.

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