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Pro Talk: Your Photographic Voice

Featuring Karen Hutton, Fujifilm X-Photographer and International Landscape & Travel Photographer


Is your creative process hit or miss? Do you ever feel like your finished photo falls short of what you had in mind when you took the shot? Wondering how to take the “next step” in your photography and have your work REALLY stand out from the crowd? How would you like a tried and true process to get there? Your true artistic voice or “signature” represents your unique point of view, your story, your own particular take on things. It’s an authentic imprint of Who You Are. A recognizably signature photo or art piece bears the stamp of its creator’s heart and soul; their own “spark of Divine Fire”. Bringing that to your photographic art doesn’t happen by accident, it occurs through a specific series of artistic choices and decisions. Knowing when and how to make them can open new possibilities and an expanded way of seeing. In turn, it creates an inspired approach to photography – and to life. Sound daunting? It’s easier than you think! Karen shares simple, usable ideas for embarking upon – or deepening – your search for your true artistic voice and signature in your photography. No more confusion, no airy fairy talk;  just a fun, practical way to unleash the most inspired photographs you have ever created. Here are a few of Karen’s images (CLICK TO ENLARGE):


Karen Hutton is an International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Artist, Speaker, Author, Educator, and Voice.  She is also a Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer.  She has been photographing for over 40 years and in addition to her large social media following, her voice has been heard around the world in commercials, apps, tutorials and television.  Karen wrote the eBook “10 Steps to Finding Your Artistic Voice”, the popular course “Finding Your Artistic Voice” at KelbyOne and leads “The Artistic Voice” photography retreats in France. In the states, she has presented and taught at Fujilove LIVE (NYC), The Fujifilm X-Photography Summit in The Great Smoky Mountains, Photo Plus Expo (NYC), Google HQ, Fujifilm’s National Sales Meeting and numerous venues around the country. Internationally, she’s been featured in Fujifilm Magazine, Progresso Fotografico (Italy) and  She and her work have been featured on NBC Nightly News,, The Grid, national print and video ads for Fujifilm, in photo galleries in Japan and the U.S., TWiP, Macphun Software, Landscape Photography Magazine, as well as a plethora of podcasts and interviews around the interwebs. Karen was also one of the Inception Masters of The Arcanum. She lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

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